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12.8 twelve.eight
12.8 twelve.eight

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發布時間 2017-04-02


我們宣布12.8重組完成,主音 - 阿倫 及 結他手 - Kelvin加入隊伍。錄音工程已重新啟動,新曲「Pioneer 」正式發佈。
Ladies & Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce the new line up has been confirmed. Hope you guys enjoy our new tunes.

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Staying in the background
Walking in the lonely town
Yelling with a broken sound

Roaming through the backstreet
Lighten up the cigarette
Mind your steps and your feet

Here comes the parasite
the one who steps into the night
Start a fight out of spite

Saying all the bad words
I guess they've never ever heard
I don't care if it hurts

Everybody stand behind me
'Cause I'm the pioneer
Ain't nobody gonna save me
'Cause I don't need no sympathy

When we try to make things right
Pray to god, he'll roll the dice
Now it's time, now it's time

One, two, count to three,
still there is a missing piece,
never find that part of me

What life is all about
It's like a maze with no way out
Cannot quit anyhow

Sorry there's no guiding sign
Maybe I've just stepped the line
There's no way to survive

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