Get it done and walk (Demo)

分類 Electronic
發佈 2015 年 6 月 2 日





When I woke up in the morning
Thinking what can I do when I growing
The golden age shouldn’t so empty
Well, there’s some where I must belong to be
I said “Get it done and walk”

Some times we will falling , that’s right?
And is really hard to keep going
If so , lift your bothering and just take walk
Renew the roll and keeping all and all
I said “Get it done and walk“

Hey younger, don’t to be afraid to fail
Remember be patient and do you want to do
Decide the way and never turning back
You should know, the world has nothing correct and noting wrong

Life isn’t just chasing more and more promotion
Save your time and enjoy your life
Chosen right or chosen wrong , it doesn’t matter
The life don’t be afraid to fail and my dad told me so :
「Right direction to the right distention」

Get it done and walk....