Love Me Sometimes
Love Me Sometimes

Love Me Sometimes

R&B / Soul

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Love Me Sometimes

Love Me Sometimes

Trying Times
Trying Times

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發布時間 2010-04-11


Music by Saul & Stan
Lyrics by Stan
Produced by Trying Times
Arranged by Trying Times
Recorded by 冠宏 & 傑克 at 大吉祥錄音室
Mixed by 傑克
Drums by Saul
Guitar by 安通尼
Bass by 方Q of 這位太太 (originally arranged by 志明)
Keyboard by CJ
Lead Vocals by Stan, B-jam & 大樹
Background Vocals by Stan, B-jam, 大樹 & CJ
Vocal Arrangements by B-jam & 大樹

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She wears stockings and she's got dark hair.
Oh man you should see the way she walks in.
I walk up and say: "are you wit your friends?"
Luckily she don't seem bothered instead she says...

Instead she says:
"Yes, but they will be here in some while.
I'm here just waiting"
So I buy her a drink.
We have our names and we talk some while.
I ask her to dance with me.

I just want you baby to be with me
Love me sometimes.
I just want you baby to be with me
Love me sometimes.

There she goes she's doing it again.
Oh~she smiles at me I'm carried away.
Then she turns back she's greeting her friends.
But she chooses to stay so we talk again.
I try act like I don't care
Somehow behave just opposite way
Askin' if we could go out some day.
Again, luckily, she just nods her head.

By the way she says:
"Yes, but I have to leave here right now
My friends are there waiting."
So we down our last drink
We exchange our numbers and she excuses herself
Sayin' it's great to dance wit me


After she leaves that place,
I am afraid that I probally won't see her again,
I don't know why I'm so trippin' like that,
I guess I can't afford to lose her right there,
Cause she's so perfect for me.
I make the call 2 days after the night
And I take her out for a few nights
We talk about music and stuff,
We hang out at clubs and dance
And we have great time
I tell her how much I like her
And I know she got her own things to do
I don't want myself to keep her busy
Just be there for me sometimes
And love me sometimes


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曇花一現・12 年前

嗯 ! 很耐聽喔 ~~ 我轉貼在windowslive了 (可以嗎).. ^_^ ..... 如果不反對的話我就放著...


Leeky・12 年前