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純粹污垢 Pure Filth
純粹污垢 Pure Filth

純粹污垢 Pure Filth

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純粹污垢 Pure Filth

純粹污垢 Pure Filth


6 月


「莎賓娜試做廠·PROJECT : phue」

專輯發行時間 2024-03-20
建立於 2024-03-20


史上第一支客家龐克樂團「粹垢 TRAEGO」
首張全客語龐克專輯「純粹污垢 Pure Filth」




The first Hakka punk band「TRAEGO」
First punk album in Hakka language「Pure Filth」

The album is set against the backdrop of Miaoli, known as "Miaoli Country" by Taiwanese people, depicting how the pure-hearted Hakka youth gradually become seen as societal filth.

All the songs revolve around the perspective of the poor and marginalized, lamenting and shouting out grievances.

We claim to be pure filth, yet refuse self-pity, choosing instead to acknowledge and vocalize the anger and injustices we observe, ranging from small issues like being unable to buy alcohol or failures in love, to larger labor disputes and the problem of corruption in hometown.

We are not angry intellectual youth; we are just common folk voicing what we cannot tolerate. In the underground society where dirt is hidden, we sing and shout in the familiar Hakka dialect, hoping that one day the whole world will know what problems lie beneath the beautifully packaged mountain city of Miaoli.

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