PopBittersweet Adventures

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豆腐王國 Tofu Kingdom

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發布時間 2023-03-01



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Floating in the dream
Just a drift away from reality
Eyes shut in the beam
Hoping never have to part with the odyssey

Snoozing alarm froze
Keeping balance on the flying castles
All animals, come!
Dance with loyal tofus in the Kingdom!

Masquerade ahead
Swapping sparkling shoes of Cinderella
Evil Queen be kind
Show me slumberland revolves around in my mind

Cradle becomes small
Fairies withdraw, in my dream all teeth fall
Strong earthquake a mess
Everything caves in, I got nothing left

Mighty monsters gaze
Spreading wings, chasing me in the dark maze
I died, no one cried
Show me long lost inner child crawling in my mind

Shading lucid piece
Killing everyone mocking at the scenes
Mighty hero screams
I take sword, chasing hero in dark maze

Strong earthquake a mess
Everyone I hate, hates me all collapse
Lucid pieces shine
Show me dystopia wandering in my mind

Floating in the dreams
Just a step away from reality
Tearing at the seam
Hoping never have to stay in the odyssey

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