not for sale (demo)

專輯 yoriginal demos
分類 Singer / Songwriter
發佈 2015 年 1 月 2 日




  • 編輯嚴選



so, I wanna buy it all
wanna buy myself a way up
Just to show I’ve done it all
to show that I’m not wasting my time
I went and bought a mountain of things
so that I can call them mine
buy a meaning to life
then I will be fine
I’ll be satisfied

so, I sold my middle name
sold my face and sold my stories
well, I thought I’d make a gain
but no, no matter where I looked
things that matter aren’t for sale
so I bought everything else
Then I realized
The only thing I bought
oh is just a lie

so thank you very very much,
I’d like to keep my own ways
if you don’t buy me it’s ok
this is my home this is my place
Yes it’s tiny and imperfect
so don’t buy me it’s ok
of all the things you crave
and all that catches your eye
this you cannot buy
no I cannot lie
not here to satisfy

demo 編:奇哥

sometimes i want to walk across town with a big banner that says 'not for sale',
that's how i feel about my home.
“not for sale” 是2014年7月的時候寫的,講一個人為了買,而賣,後來發現買到的都只是一個謊,才決定保留自己所有的,不賣了。