On The Palms Of My Hands

Rock ・ On The Palms Of My Hands

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On The Palms Of My Hands

The Priceless Boat

發佈時間 2018-02-15


Tell you a story
And cry myself till i fall asleep
You’re on the palms
Of My Hands

I'm crawling in the dark
The place that don't have keys

The heart turned cold day by day
Day in
Day out
I cannot stay

You're on the palms

*We won't forget
This is how we end
Lay down try not to cry a lot*

Memory stay still

I'll find ,my way out
Till the sky turns grey
(I swear)
Spit out ,the sadness
Quit all that I've got

Look through the mirror
I can't hold myself back
Over and over again

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