Come Here


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發佈時間 2008-08-23


At last at once,
I've found my inspiration,
I've figured how.

All the truth we've ever found
is here to stay,
cuz' everything we wished for has happened.

Cause you see,
we will show,
them the best, of the best, of the best.

And we see,
there I spend,
all our life, all our light, in all our colors.

--2nd verse--

When we lie down on the bench
talking about the things we said
everything we wanted has happened.

Oh, never lose your way
you know it's here you'll stay.
you'll see, you'll see.

When we went out to see,
all the lights and calling freaks,
oh it's never too much to meak

You, see,
you, breathe,
let's laugh about it.

you see,
everything's here
All you've asked for is here and you know it.

-- ending--

Come in here, come in come in come in
Ah-ah -ah ah
come in come in here
Ah -ah -ah- ah.

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