The Bird Catchers


經過四年的人事變遷,神秘的 The Bird Catchers 終於在 2012 年 11 月成軍,以完美面貌示人。由 Baller (鼓手/ 敲擊)、Kevin (低音結他手/ 和音)、Susan (主音結他手/ 合成器) 和 Wynne (主音/ 節奏結他) 組成;四位 catchers 受獨立搖滾、電子音樂、爵士樂等不同的風格影響,喜歡將不同元素共冶一爐,他們並沒有特定的音樂風格,就像深夜的黑貓一樣,時而冷酷神秘、時而熱情奔放,不停為大家帶來意想不到的驚喜。

After a long period of anticipation, 4 years spent quietly sharpening their kitten claws, The Bird Catchers have finally found their partners-in-crime in November 2012, and are now more than ready to strike. Comprised of Baller (Drums and Percussion), Kevin (Bass and Backing Vocal), Susan (Lead Guitar and Synthesizer) and Wynne (Vocal and Rhythm Guitar); influenced by Indie Rock, Electronica and Jazz etc., the Catchers blend a variety of music genres and have an ever-changing identity. They are compared to the cat in the dark - cold and enigmatic one second, then warm and ardent the ...

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