Love is all it takes
Love is all it takes

Love is all it takes


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Love is all it takes

Love is all it takes


發布時間 2011-06-19


我們希望能由這首輕快, 活潑的歌




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詞: 苗其宏

曲: 莊鈞智 苗其宏 / 編曲: 莊鈞智

Ba ba ba ba ...

Sorry seems to be a magical word

It turns your bad feelings into love

You may be shy and angry even want to cry

We'll always cheer you up with our smile

Whatever colors we are one mankind

Just because we live in different tribes

Does it mean we have to fight and say goodbye

Not for us, it's a waste of time

Love is in the air

Love is everywhere

Don't underestimate the power of love

Just like Superman, it might just save the day

Hey yo! Captain, we must confess

Stealing treasures harming nature wasn't a proper plan

Instead, we should all respect and cherish what we have

So that the great white bears could all have some fun

Yeah, but how do you suggest we should do that ?

It's a cake, just catch up with this simple rhyme

Don't be rough, don't be hard

Wear a smile on the top

ACs off, recycling done

And don't forget to show some love

Love is what we share and how we care

Shall I say love, is all it takes.

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