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Taipei Blues


Taipei Blues Band features currently a three-piece lineup (Klaus on keyboards and vocals, Otis blues harp and vocals, Jeremy on percussion and vocals) and plays blues styles which border on jazz, rhythm and blues and soul/funk. They play original compositions and choice covers (for example by Marvin Gaye or Bob Marley) which suit their lineup best. The band performs regularly on the open stage in Taipei and is currently promoting an album called TAIPEI BLUES.

來自德國萊茵河谷地的主唱Santa Klaus 2008年夏天,移民來台北的「艋舺」。德台二地截然不同的文化衝擊,讓他興起用音樂紀錄自己對台北的情感與感動,於是創作了來台的第一張英文歌唱專輯「藍調台北」;並與口琴Otis Tsao、打擊樂手Jeremy Hsiang組成了台灣極為少見的不插電藍調樂團「TAIPEI BLUES」藍調台北樂團,希望以異鄉客的角度來誠摯呈現台北的「新在地藍調音樂」。

Vocalist、GT、KB : Santa Klaus / 山塔 克勞斯
Harmonica & Harmonic:歐提斯(Otis) / 曹鈞偉
Percussionist: Jeremy Hsiang / 項藝凱

Special Guests:
Flutist:細崔 / 崔智棓
Bassist & GT: 小時(Scott)/蘇士鈞

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