insomnia song
insomnia song

insomnia song

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insomnia song

insomnia song


發佈時間 2021-01-11


released December 14, 2018
mixed and mastered by Cazenove Sounds
artwork by Tess Glen
lyrics and song by Sarya Wu

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the moonlight is my friend
she comes when the day ends

i ponder no longer alone
i just have to look out the window

an owl frenzy takes over me
turns my mind, 180 degrees
and nothing ever is as it seems
is a dream ever just a dream?

i look up to the stars in the sky
to ask them "why?"
they reply,
by distantly shining

i look up and wonder if there is a heaven
the clock reminds me it's 5:37

i should probably go to sleep
but that's where my fears
and fantasies meet.

i should try to lie in my bed.
but that's when i think of all things said

i count some sheep
some lilac, some pink
i get up to get something to drink

i walk around my home, i roam
i cannot believe this is the place I've grown

realise, my eyes can't open, they're dry
and to this fatigue, i must comply

i wish i could fly
somewhere nice
somewhere high
but the world will duly suffice

somewhere cold as ice
filled with spice
somewhere where nobody lies to to spite

a land where i
can be free
as the moon
and as the trees

yes, this is my insomnia song
if you know it
than sing along

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