Over World
Over World

Over World

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Over World

Over World


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發佈時間 2013-07-24


Pulling hair, rearranging glasses, I hold an empty cup
Wonder why there’s no one I know in this house making sound to me
The light goes dim and it blurs my eyes, the vision draws me back
To the night that you say goodbye without a doubt like it’s written fate.

Every day I find pieces that we tore apart
Every night you turn in crying with your bleeding heart
Is it all wasted to put on another trial
Re-measure who we are

Over is a world
Never well rehearsed
Over is a course
As the way it is
Over is a curse
Wake you up from a lucid dream of years
Well now you’ll never sleep

Over is a door
One way only exit
Over is a tour
Take you away off the Earth
Over is a burp
Empty up your soul at once
And take you a life time to find.

In a way, I would say, things will be okay
Except for a whole lot of heartache and regrets in an empty glance.
Upside down, there’s a free shaking, caffeinated hand.
Inside out, expecting a fast-forwarding trigger.
Time will ease the pain.

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翔太・1 年前

Over is a lovely song~