Through the Viewfinder
Through the Viewfinder

Through the Viewfinder


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Through the Viewfinder

Through the Viewfinder


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發佈時間 2011-10-28


Perfect moment waits for no man
The most beautiful face is when you give me a glance through your hair
It’s a cloudy morning but my mind is sunny
Don’t care whoever you are. I will freeze you in time. Keep it mine.

There is no need for one two three
It’s okay if you’re not squeezing cheese

So take a look into the looking glass
Always some pretty view to find
Don’t complain it’s only black and white
You can just follow the light
Put your favorite cam on your waist
Hunt their souls
Don’t be jealous if they’re colorful
I only love the simple that you show me

People in Kaleidoscope are gonna rock your world.
If you’re a little bit dizzy in need of a pause I’m on the road.
Don’t let yourself go and pull your long face down to the globe.
I know that you know I got a crash on you long before.

We ain’t got little time to waste
With you by my side to live each day.

I can close you up to hear your heart humming secret
Don’t you put me out through infinity and beyond~

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