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Luminaire DEMO


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發佈時間 2011-03-10


He wakes up in the morning
Every 7 AM
Monday to Sunday
From the crowded street

He works like a honey bee
Building net but no dreams
Dressing all the same way
Hanging one kind of smile

It goes so neatly
But something stirs underneath
For how long
Out of the window
No cloaks of heroes unfold

Is there anyone can paint me
A different color on my grey sky well
Anyone can be my luminaire
When faith’s all out, and nothing left to hold on.

She stays up in till the morning
Every 7 AM
She’d blow the candles out, draw the curtains down
To her the dark is like eternal pasture
Where she can weave her dreams with the falling stars

It goes so quietly
But something screams underneath
For how long
Inside this hollow
No wings of angels unfold

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