Soothe Shop - 편안가게 - 舒適小舖

音樂人 香港

--- Soothe Shop - 편안가게 - 舒適小舖 ---

Soothe Shop (舒適小舖)的原創人Hung出生於香港, 曾移居台灣及韓國, 作品合併現代城市動態, easy listening風格及自然生態元素, 使用柔和樂器, 加入紓壓的binaural beats, 接地的大自然聲響伴以柔和的旋律音符. Soothe Shop回歸到easy listening類型及純樂器創作的原點.

Hung the creator of Soothe Shop, born in Hong Kong and spent years in Taiwan and Korea, is incorporating modern city dynamics, easy listening music and ecology into his music. Inserting elements of comfort sounding musical instruments, binaural beats for relaxation, grounding nature sounds and melodic tunes, Soothe Shop locates the origins of easy listening genre and pure instrumental composition.

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