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R&B / Soul

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狀態船 SituationShip

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發布時間 2024-04-02



〈Ghost〉作為狀態船的第一首歌,藉由dream pop的風格表達現代人的心魔。好事/成功帶來的不配得感,像是鬼影般,埋伏在人生旅途中的各種裂縫裡。這些總有一天會被沖走,剩下的只有原先被鬼影包裹的另一個自己。

「音樂製作 Song credit」
詞Lyricist|黃紀棋 Marceline Huang
曲Composer|黃紀棋 Marceline Huang、張凱 kaicaesar
製作人Producer|張凱 kaicaesar
編曲Arrangement|狀態船 SituationShip
合成器 Synthesizer|李柏威 weiweikeys
吉他Guitar|張凱 kaicaesar、丁柏允 Cade
鼓Drums|陳彥呈 Stanley Chen
貝斯Bass|蔡承翰 Ryan Tsai
和聲編寫Backing Vocals Arrangement|黃紀棋 Marceline Huang、張凱 kaicaesar
錄音工程師Recording Engineer|張凱 kaicaesar、陳昕葦 Chen Xinwei
錄音室Recording Studio|519studio
混音工程師Mixing Engineer|張凱 kaicaesar
混音工作室Mixing Studio|519studio

平面設計 Graphic Designer |PonGo🍎

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When I walk through
Down there’s a river
I see the truth

You, pass by the street
Break into the room
Now I feel free

At the time we both feel at ease
Let it be

I wonder where will I go
To feel alive, and be alone
Within the shadows of my own
Outside the box, another world

Maybe I just want some more
Rewrite the script, a lonely soul
Live with the ghost and on my own
Turn off the light, we have to go

Maybe I just want some more
Follow the map, I won’t get lost
We’ll be fine, until we get on the road

Wish I could write good melodies
With right words to describe the scene
I’ll be right there as sun rising...

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看完上岸認識了你們之後真的好喜歡你們做的東西 希望你們能越來越好!

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