Rockwhen all else fails...

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stereo is the answer

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發布時間 2020-03-26


【Why?】// when TRUST fails
Song & Lyrics by Stephen Mok
Arranged by stereo is the answer
Recorded, Engineered & Produced by Stephen Mok
Drums recorded at J-REAMY Sound Studio

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broken things and summer lies
was it all a game to try your hand in
all a play, written to surprise
everything was left behind
not a letter on the window sill
no last parade
vanished through the night

guess I'll start by asking why?
were your promises all fabricated
actor posing in disguise
guess I wasted all my time
singing songs of grace you never kept in mind
guess I wasted time

sober eyes don’t see the signs
cuz now who’s to say the act is finished
laugh away, for this could all rewind
for seven days, seven nights
sitting on the porch of yesteryears
with questions blurred across the sky

oh why?
just a door that never closed
oh why?
reasons never told

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