Fly Away

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Fly Away

Shao Hao 邵豪

  • 一天一首

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發佈時間 2016-03-31


Sliding down the slippery slope
Caught up in your world of old
You were chasing people
What do they know x2

Losing traction under toe
Days were short but nights were tall
Ticking clocks slowed in the black
These nights latch on to souls

* So I wonder what I’ll say to me
With the fullness of the view I have
The sky is warm and keeping clear
Fly away from here x2 *

Easy things can stifle hope
Growing with the difficult
But now I know love like
Never before x2

Through the desert we were hold
On each others star-crossed souls
No more circles in our tracks
You light up the road

Chorus2 *

What could I say that would help?
To my lost and frighten younger self
We all get hurt
You would be loved x2 (little pause)

Chorus3 *

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