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Sensation Circle
Sensation Circle

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發佈時間 2016-10-09


We are all imperfection
Show out the weakness
No secrets to hide

What a darkest nightmare that you've made
Take a look to this place
Mists are all surrounding us
Letting us hesitate
How can we tame?

No sun No Light
We out of sight
Not a hero to win without a fight

We are all
Searching with nothing return
Nothing's gonna be confirm
It's all about what we can concern
Something different
For sure
You're not the only one
But why you just watching it crash and burn

Crash and burn

Always think that I'm strong enough
Cause In fact you never know
We never show what behind the truth
Slow it down , weakness
Throw it to the ocean sea
Is it the way
Where the hearts will stay forever?
Will we take it forever

*When the dark came to control
Feel the slaking fire
Deep inside my soul
Tears are falling down below*


Can u hear the sound
prayers bagging are all around
Whispering the wind
Please raise me up
Please raise me up

Faking faces
Melting skins
sins are already within
From the stories begins

Side by side
The beasts in you

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