Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

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Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver


發佈時間 2012-05-04


<Taxi Dirve >

Im a taxi driver
Experiened taxi driver
I know every street or
Lane , tunnel , every where
I can drive you to no matter
you like high or low

Im a taxi driver
Youre mu commander
You said right turn here
I will said yes sir

Im a taxi driver
Call me , whenever
Your mind is in my concern
Turn off the aur condition
You like speedin up
The speed trap , I dont care
Im a taix driver
Now tell me your destination

Frist thing you must remember
The seat belt , you have to fasten
And the radio station
I choosed , you have to listen

Im really nice but to the jerk
Stop staring at my D cup
Or I will put on the brake
You cant get my kiss
But I will give you kickin

I hate every 8 o'clock
We gonna stuffed in the block
But if he is handsome
Mmm, Let the car shake !

Green Light , Speed Up
Red LIght , Make it slow
Yellow One , Take the risk
Let yiou guess
Turn Right , caps are cashing after
Turn Left , On the sidewalk
U-turn, repeat ,Action !

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