RockPetals of Tomorrow

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Seasons for Change

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發布時間 2019-11-12


We lost all our cause
To the ungrateful masses.
The only honest voice
Getting drowned in corruption.
What burden in our hands?
When they so easily point to the
Ones who make a stand
To the ones who make a stand.

Light your hearts flame
Burn all the evil inside
And soar through the darkest of days.
Light your hearts flame
Leave all your fears behind
Ignite for change.

Fight for beliefs
Etched into your soul.
Protect the ones at home
Don’t bear the weight all alone.
Be the symbol to inspire us all
Those beside you will stay
And together we’ll find a way

Burn all the flags!
Reprimand all the ones in the wrong!
End the cycle of revenge
And be safe in this place we belong!
Like a phoenix (Like a phoenix)
Rise from the ashes again
Like a phoenix!

It’s all in our grasp
We’re a marching inferno
With hope in our hands. We rise.

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