04 Meteor
04 Meteor

04 Meteor

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04 Meteor

04 Meteor

Seasons for Change
Seasons for Change

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發佈時間 2017-01-29


The world can’t stop me now…

Closed minds, loud mouth. It echoes in our town
We stand alone atop the hill of honest hearts

I’ve fallen apart, learnt to keep it all together
I’ve walked n the dark, with my eyes closed anyways…

We find meaning in ourselves…

The World can’t stop me now…

Judging eyes, twisted lies weighing us down
But we pull up; inspire hope to the ones we love

I’ve been pushed around, But I pulled myself together
I’ve been cut down, but I grew stronger anyways…

Embrace the enemies in ourselves…

The World can’t stop me now…
When you look into our eyes you’ll see
The spirits that will plant the seeds
And pave the way for all to call this home

In between the moon and satellites
Ride the streak of light from a distant time

I’ll taste the sky again
With the world right beneath me
I’ll come shooting down
And eclipse the sun and know
Nothing will stop us now
Nothing will stop us now!

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w・7 個月前

有中 這個微日搖的感覺!