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Scars of Time是一隊搖滾樂隊, 於2015年由主音Yan,結他手Shun和Peng,低音結他手Chit及鼓手Gary組成。「縱使時間最終會把一切都帶走,我們仍希望將生活寄語於音樂中,用搖滾樂在如光的歲月裡刻劃出一道道痕跡,這就是我們活著的證明。」 樂隊成員各有喜好的音樂風格,如J Rock, Metal, Pop, Funk等等,我們樂隊的樂風就是希望以搖滾樂作根基,再將各喜好的風格揉合,把我們想表達的呈現給觀眾。

Scars of Time is a Hong Kong rock band established by vocal Yan, drummer Gary, bassist Chit, guitarist Shun and Peng in 2015. We have a clear message to deliver – “Even time is eventually flushing out literally everything, we would still like to slot our life into music and scratch scars in the time being, as this is the proof we have lived.” Despite different preferences in music genres such as j-rock, pop, funk and metal, by using rock as the fundamental element, every member is connected with each other and is comfortable to present our work to the audience.

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