Ruby Fatale 鹿比 ∞ 吠陀

音樂人 臺北市

Drenched in the unique atmosphere of stoner/doom/glitch music and the violent aesthetics, Ruby always grabs idea from literature, geometric figures and her own experiences. She also concretizes ideas, desires, pieces of memory to dedicate sound particles which are content in specified frequent, and put the particles into her music randomly. When she performs, she likes to tell a story with an industrial and cold sound, creating a anxious atmosphere. Incidentally, put some beautiful sounds from instruments in the cold, harsh background. Ruby always arranges her set dramatically to lead audiences passing through dynamic/static situation and ancient/modern ages. 迷戀Stoner、Doom、Glitch迷詭氛圍及暴力美學的Ruby,曾獲邀於失聲祭、火人節、上帝之槌等派對組織演出。創作時,Ruby多由文學、幾何圖形及自身經驗中萃取靈感,將各種概念、情欲、乃至記憶片段具象化為特定頻率及精緻的聲音粒子,於活動中進行即興拼貼。演出時,Ruby喜用現代工業、冰冷的音色鋪陳故事,營造欲若繃斷神經的緊張氛圍,在森冷剛硬的敘述基調中,偶然穿插悠揚頹美的器樂聲,並以極具戲劇張力的段落編排,引領觀者遊走於動與靜、古與今之間。 粉絲專頁:

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