Alternative ・ 黑市音樂合輯2012

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Room Torrent

  • 一天一首

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發佈時間 2014-05-04


The song tells the story of a woman who is addicted to nightlife, clubbing. The song tells this story from the point of view of a man, probably her boyfriend. The man is torn between his fear that she will hurt herself and his wish that she be a free spirit and do what she wants. His indecision leaves him completely powerless, and he resigns himself to letting her become increasingly distant and slip away from him.

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The sky is getting dark
City light hit on her like sunshine
She born like a star
4 minutes I wrote this song before the sun down

I can't be her angel now
no one know she slipped through my hands somehow
Things changing now
Can't find a word to write this song cause I lost her now

*How do you break this broken heart
I want to fall asleep within your arm
how do you break this bleeding heart
your silhouette is left somehow

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aiAshin・1 年前