War Storm(unedited version)


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War Storm(unedited version)


發佈時間 2007-04-12



what for?!

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Tide of blood, wash ashore
Roll across, coastal plain
Enveloping, the heartland
Fed by the, constant rain
Fueling the, machines of war
Crushing innocents, in their path
Voice of protest, silenced soon
Carry on, the bloodbath

Explosions sound, blackened sky
Thick smoke chokes, out the light
Thunder rips, across the land
Pleading for, reprieve of night
Even darkness, brings no solace
No relent, from mindless slaughter
Bullets find random targets
Red consumes, bluest waters

Cyclonic winds of carnage
Laying everything to waste
Cities lie in decimation
No time for mercy in our haste

A hurricane of innocents
Eradicated to the next realm
Only one escape from tyranny
When the hawks are at the helm

Cannot take, anymore
Watching children, die in war
Cannot sleep, in the night
When the wrongs, control what’s right

How many, more must die?
Before admitting, their mistake
May they choke, on their lies
And their souls, will conflagrate

Bastards rot, for what they’ve done
Wealth cannot, help you run
How many lives, is it worth?
We’ll seek revenge, in our rebirth

Lives erased, in your name
Fucking sick, sadistic game
Inflict on you, pain you’ve caused
No remorse, for your life lost

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