Cycle of Corruption(重新錄製)
Cycle of Corruption(重新錄製)

Cycle of Corruption(重新錄製)


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Cycle of Corruption(重新錄製)

Cycle of Corruption(重新錄製)


發佈時間 2007-03-02




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Violent repression
Indoctrinated force
Innocence corrupted
Absence of remorse
Taking lives for Dogma
The good of the regime
Digging graves for dissidents
No longer to be seen

A million screams go silent
A bullet in the head
Another turned compliant
Another threat lies dead
Bodies fall no vindication
For injustice blind
Hate forever breeding hate
In a fucking prison state

Merciless brutality
Passed on down the line
Political survival
Fabricated crimes
War on the people
Dying in vain
Head of the snake falls
To be reborn again

Stepped on for too long
Uprising forged in blood
Fires rage in ivory towers
Raging like a flood
Flames rise into the night
Red washes through the streets
People take the power back
Redemption is complete

Violence the answer
Anarchy the key
Revolution the solution
Overthrow in ecstasy
Power breed corruption
Cycle starts again
New despot in power
New regime of pain

Cleanse and purge the population
Architect of devastation
Absolute control, illusion
Discontent profuse diffusion
Will to seize unrivaled power
Counting down the final hour
Turn the clocks all back to zero
Write yourself the nation hero

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