In a Minute
In a Minute

In a Minute


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In a Minute

In a Minute


發佈時間 2021-05-04


it only takes a moment
only takes a whisper
a little bit of silence
a bit of cold violence
you're losin' all my patience
got so many questions keeping me up at night
thats when my thoughts take flight

i'm thinkin' bout what's been goin' up on your mind
maybe you don't know what it's been like
to be second guessin' everything
i know you think it's much too late to try to even hold on
and i think i can see the difference in your eyes
they used to make me feel so alive
oh god is this the end of everything
i don't think i can ever get prepared to lose it lose it all

in a minute you'll be givin all your love to somebody else
(i'm not the only one for you)
somewhere out there i can hear the sound of breaking hearts all around
in a minute I'll be wipin' away all these tears by myself
(look what you have put me through)
break me down til there is nothing left for me to bury in the ground

(baby baby can't you see i never ever ever wanna set you free)

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