Your Guilt
Your Guilt

Your Guilt


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Your Guilt

Your Guilt

Phoenix Island
Phoenix Island

發布時間 2022-07-01


You want to die? You saw they cry?
You want feel alive?
I want you dead

In the beginning, You were not a pure person.
Not sincere
Not responsible Not real
Just like a apathetic robot

You don’t even know!
Three years later, You like a beast

Do all manner of evil
You wanna everyone beside you
But you think you don’t need to cure

You stay here and I will came back
You must to pay the price for your escapes
You have guts
Why you don’t dare to face
You don’t wanna trust me
You will lose it
When you get this Fxxking thinking
You never feel this sorrow and push their buttons

Don’t betray your spirit
look like poser shit
Don’t waste their worries
(You waste their worries)
You must to disappear now

Who the shit do you think you are
Don’t lie to me scumbag
You never saw this mistake
Impenitent !

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