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The Envelope
The Envelope

The Envelope

Singer / SongwriterRipples, reflections and everything in between

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The Envelope

The Envelope

per se
per se

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發布時間 2019-10-15


「and now the sun sets another day, a single flower starts to burn...」

【The Envelope】來自關於時間的概念專輯《Ripples, reflections and everything in between》。如果你收到一封未來傳送過來的信,揭示地球已到了末日,而你還有時間和能力去改變未來,你會否改變自己現在的生活模式,保護下一代呢?

per se:
Stephen Mok - vocals, guitars
Sandy Ip - vocals, keyboards

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【The Envelope】// words from time
Composed // per se
Lyrics // Stephen Mok @ per se
Arranged // per se
Produced // Victor Tse & Stephen Mok @ per se

we’re sleeping through the night thinking it’s okay
we’re living through life
but something isn’t right

we're walking proud and bright thinking it's the way
we're building our prize
but something isn't right

so I will count to ten
and in this envelope here
take a look inside
see if we were to start again
then would this situation change your mind
and I’d say contemplate
but now this letter’s near the
end of the line
so if we were too late to take on
then nevermind

we’re looking to the sky thinking
things will change
we turn a blind eye
but some hands can’t be tied
the villain or the knight
make up your mind
the villain or the knight
no turning back

and now the sun sets another day
a single flower starts to burn
with an envelope that’s wavering beside
so I will count to ten
I will count to ten
in this envelope here
pending your reply

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