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發布時間 2018-11-26


「where's the way to make it right? where's the way through all the branches?」

【Branches】a song from our upcoming album《Ripples, reflections and everything in between》.

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per se:
Stephen Mok - vocals, guitars
Sandy Ip - vocals, keyboards

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【Branches】// of time
Composed // per se
Lyrics // per se
Arranged // per se
Produced // Victor Tse & Stephen Mok @ per se

time was the turn you didn’t take
time was the choice you couldn’t make

if the leaves fall into the fray
if the birds you know forget your face
what if the rainfall washes away
all of the seeds carved with your name
if the wind blows another way
what if the roots you’ve learnt to follow sink too far
they sink too far

I keep hearing the same old story
kids who made it through the night
I keep waiting for signs to pave a way
I keep seeing the same old ending
picture frame that’s left behind
we used to sing a different song

time was the words you didn’t say
time is the maze you can’t escape

where’s the way to make it right?
where’s the way through all the branches?

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