專輯 per se singles
分類 Singer / Songwriter
發佈 2017 年 4 月 9 日

per se





  • Song of The Day


Composed // per se
Lyrics // per se
Arranged // per se, Derek Mok, Derek Lee, Joan Leung, Lui Mo
Produced // Stephen Mok @ per se

we used to say "without a doubt"
we used to say "there's still tomorrow"
we used to say "just remind me when, when it's our turn"
we used to say "you never know"

so if you take your time
then slowly you'll find
that after all these lies
this will act to remind
you're born to entertain
to entertain lives
so if you take the fall
gain nothing at all
and at the end of story no one knows
but truth be told
we're living for the end of applause
or not at all

we used to say "with all our soul"
we used to say "a new direction"
we used to say "soon we'll find our way, when it's our turn"
we used to say "we're not alone"

this story never goes untold
this story goes/ tries
this story tells your whole life
how you survived

『This story never goes untold, this story goes...』

【monocircus】a single from per se

per se:
Stephen Mok - vocals, guitars
Sandy Ip - vocals, keyboards