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per se
per se

發布時間 2017-04-09


『When the morning comes, what would I become?』

【Petals】first single from per se

per se:
Stephen Mok - vocals, guitars
Sandy Ip - vocals, keyboards

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Composed // per se
Lyrics // per se
Arranged // per se
Produced // Stephen Mok @ per se

when I grow old
I would change
all the things
that made you cry

and if I go wrong
I'd repent
start again
in this new life

do we still belong
to the summer songs
when the morning comes
what would I become
it seems it's been too long / so we slowly move on (day by day)

feel like I'm gone
for the end times

with everyday that's gone (time goes on)
the petals start to fall (on our way)
from the trees to life
the seasons start to burn (innocence)
so tell me how to hold on (who can say)
when petals start to fall (we'll fade away)
through the streams of life
as we slowly move on

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