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巴奈.庫穗 (母語名Panai,中文名柯美黛)


台灣最有重量的聲音 同樣是來自台東的原住民歌手。如果說;陳建年、紀曉君的音樂貼近自然,歌詠風、海洋、山林、色彩晴朗;巴奈的歌,則顯得色調濃重而沈鬱,勾勒著她流浪各地的足跡。揹著吉他,遊走在天地之間,這樣的背影或許看來蒼涼而傳奇。但是,去聽她的歌、去讀她的詞,你會遇見一種熟悉的感覺,疏離與寂寞,久藏心底,被她的歌聲召喚而出,輕觸即四處漫溢。聽巴奈現場的人都說會內傷,有時就乾脆直接承認;害怕聽她那些真實而坦白的旋律。在界限模糊、是非渾沌的這個世代,這樣一種斬釘截鐵的聲音,已經很難聽見了。

Panai is a self-taught singer-songwriter of the Puyuma and Amis tribes of southeastern Taiwan. She spent her childhood traveling with her family through the cities and countryside of Taiwan, following available employment, and her music reflects a life of wandering and yearning for home. Panai's songs forge eclectic influences into a passionate style that has led many to call her the Tracy Chapman of Taiwan.

Panai's first album “Ni wa-wa” was released in 2000 and received an award as one of the top 10 albums of the year by the China Times. In 2001, the live album “Pau-dull and Panai Live” was released. Panai's next studio album will be released in 2008.

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