Origin Sun

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發佈時間 2019-08-12


Composed by Hsiao-Chun Cheng

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Wake up, open my eyes
Getting up, take on my shoes
Yesterday were going pass and
something new just wait for me

Messing up falling my tears
Failing down nothing did work (oh)
I will keep on hitting the ground
Someday dream might come true

Thunder , Wind blow I want let it go
Sunshine, Rainbow I love see them shine
Take a deep breath step not so fast
Whole world is standing with you

No matter how high fly into the sky
Don’t know how far the road in my sight
Don’t know how many time I break down And I will try it again

Fly across the burning sky
I will get the sunshine in my eyes
Conquer moutain
The ocean
Top of the world

Origin sun life is what you chose
Origin sun I can bring my heart to you
Origin sun life is beautiful
Origin sun every dreams will really come true

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