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Park Park Carnival Artist Audition open!

評選中・2024-07-31 12:00 截止

【 Latest Announcement 】

Extend Application Period : 7 / 17 (Wed) 23:59
Submit your music and ideas !


Come to Party! Come to Park Park!

Park Park Carnival artist AUDITIONS NOW OPEN!


TEAM UP! Submit your music and ideas. Teams must consist of at least 2 artists (or bands) and 1 vehicle. Decorate your vehicle with your own creative style!


Application Period : 2024 / 6 / 24 (Mon) 12:00 ~ 7 / 17 (Wed) 23:59
Results announce : 2024 / 7 / 31 (Wed)
Show Day : 2024 / 8 / 24 (Sat)~ 8 / 25 (Sun)
Venue : Taipei Expo Park Yuanshan





1.Team registration is required! Each team must consist of at least 2 artists (or bands). Each artist/band must have a StreetVoice account and at least one uploaded and published song.

2. Register on this audition page with the most creative team proposal.

3.Selected team must bring a power vehicle with three or more wheels to park inside the venue for two days.

4.Selected team will receive 30,000 NTD (tax included) subsidy. Each artist/band requires 40 minutes of performance.

[How to Apply]

Submit your team proposal on this page with the following information

-team name
-team key visual
-each team members’StreetVoice artist page link and EPK.
-vehicle’s info (vehicle model, photo…) and decoration ideas (as creative as possible).


[Important reminder]

1. The performance time of the artist/band in the same team might be scheduled on 8/24 and 8/25 respectively.

2. Team’s power vehicle with three or more wheels will park beside the stage as decorations. Once the stage equipment is set up, vehicles will not be able to move or leave, so vehicles must follow the loading and unloading schedule.

3. Team subsidy will be collected and given to each member by one representative.


StreetVoice reserves the right to modify these selection regulations and will announce any changes on the event website without further individual notice to the participants.




Park Park Carnival Artist Audition open!

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