The Smile We Fake
The Smile We Fake

The Smile We Fake

MetalIn Another Life

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The Smile We Fake

The Smile We Fake

One Way Street
One Way Street

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發布時間 2017-07-11


What's inside of me?
I can't hold myself
I tried to get it out
I can't break my fetters

This weight on me for so long
I try to make this worth
Does it really worth?

This how we alter ourself
This why we'll never find out (We never find out)
This why we fall in this world
This why we'll never get out (We try so hard)

You see the smile that we try to fake
No one will see the tears
We put the thoughts away
You see the lie that is what they said
No one will stand for me
We know that no one cares

Why this world too dark to see the truth
No matter how I try to see this world its never clear

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