The Glory We Expected

Rock ・ 首張EP -The Glory We Expected - 榮耀廢途

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The Glory We Expected


  • 一天一首

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發佈時間 2014-08-05



Lady, did you ever feel the pain ?
You're struggle in the rain
But no one feels the same

So, let me, save you and help you get away
After a storm comes a calm
Let's pray everything's gonna be fine.

I need a van, to take you there, still need more time,
Think before, what you have done now,
Nothing to fright, You will be the one.

And the sun we expect for.
No one ever tells me.
the sun we expect has to wait
And the glory we're looking
I'll coming after you some day.

Some one do me a favor,
pull me out of this game.
everyone must be taken care,
cause my stuffs gonna live in your head.

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