9 Maps


Born against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s neon wonder, a quiet revolution is blossoming deep within the city’s metropolis. Sherin, Ciosa and Gabe - collectively, 9 Maps, have over just a few short months crafted a modern indie folk-pop alchemy all of their own.

With a sound that is both modern and organic, spatial and elegant, 9 Maps write songs of love, loss and introspection that enchant, charm and most crucially, resonate. Their delicate balance of twin vocals, graceful instrumentation and heart-felt lexis showcase song-crafting abilities which defy their status as early twenty-somethings.

It’s talent that has already seen them rewarded by winning Tom Lee and ‘CASH’ awards for song writing as well as marked out by Time ...

  • 音樂


  • 粉絲


  • 追蹤中