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Uwonthegamelostmyheart (demo)
Uwonthegamelostmyheart (demo)

Uwonthegamelostmyheart (demo)

Singer / Songwriter

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Uwonthegamelostmyheart (demo)

Uwonthegamelostmyheart (demo)


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發布時間 2022-07-28



I told you: if u wanna seeing another girl just tell me, I like u tho but I will leave,cuz I need someone who be honest and sincere to me, I’m insecure.
you said: you are only one girl I talk to…I promise you I won’t meet another girl just respect you, I swear to god I never lie to you, we are close , I really care abt you, I always want treat you good, you need more confidence of us, trust me……

Yes, I trust you, and you hide me , stupid lie still , then escape, u r bullshit.

Luke 8:17
For nothing is hid, that shall not be made manifest; nor anything secret, that shall not be known and come to light.

Singer-songwriter 詞曲:me
Arrangement 編曲:毅心
Mixing 混音:TJ

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live a lie
might be painful
might be hurts
but when we laugh together
why my heart is broken?
Down to my core?

You should've told me
Why are you sorry?
You should've told me
What do you want for me

I can’t live a lie
It's not what I wanted?
I can’t live a lie
Is that what you wanted?
why you can't face it
every insecure I can't forget
still remember everything you have done

live a lie
might in deep dark
might tears a part
but when we embrace again
might , might be soul contact
might be soul connect
Then you promise everything you can't do

we build a castle on love court
tried to believe in love
but we failed
we failed…
You won the game lost my heart

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