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8 月


2024 The Next Big Thing 大團誕生(開發場6)

發布時間 2023-10-12


許家菱 Lynn Hsu - Vocals
黃子恩 John Huang - Electric guitar, Synth
黃國晏 Kuo-yen Huang - Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Synth, Keys
王群婷 Refa Wang - Double bass
陳奕欣 Dee Chen - Drums

Producer/Arranger: MoonD’shake
Recording Engineers: 吳昱陞 Sam Wu (Vocal), 劉又熊 Liu Yu Hsiung (AG, EG), 蔡周翰 Chou Han Tsay (Drum, Double bass)
Recording Assistants: 陳佳穎 Chia Ying Chen (Drum, Double Bass)
Recording Studios: Gannnnn Studio (Vocal), 荒原錄音室 The Wasteland Studio (AG, EG), Lights Up Studio (Drum, Double bass)
Drum Tech Engineer: 莊開旭 Cash Chuang
Editing Engineers: 黃子恩 John Huang, 黃國晏 Kuo-yen Huang
Mixing Engineer: 呂海棻 Hyphen Lu
Mixing Studio: 生物學工作室 Hyphen Sound Studio
Mastering Engineer: 王昱辰 Yuchain Wang @ MoriSound Studio

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歌詞 動態歌詞

Maybe I have found the rhyme
at the first sight of her red cheeks
of her red cheeks
where she hides a smile
my doubt’s buried inside
Our sky’s growing hazy

I had one million plans
but there’s no good way to be with you
to be with you
I’d just fantasize
My heart strays, mystified
How to cross this pitch-black night

You know that I don’t wanna fess up
My pride prevents me all the time
How to learn
How could I act
When I still keep you in my mind
with all the pleasure all the pain

Love is pain


Maybe I will lose my way
if there is nothing I can chase for
make a wish for
Where you leave your smile
I will stay inside
when you cross this pitch-black night

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