DOLY with dotzio (demo)
DOLY with dotzio (demo)

DOLY with dotzio (demo)


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DOLY with dotzio (demo)

DOLY with dotzio (demo)


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發布時間 2022-11-28



Composed/ lyrics by dotzio & Lynn
Arranged by Yen
Mixed by Yen & Sam Wu

« ????? ????? ⌂ »
?????? + ?????'?????

演出場地: Legacy mini @ amba
演出時間:2022/12/21 (三)
開放入場:19:00 演出開始:20:00

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Suddenly I’ve been thinking everything at once
When you hold on to things I grab my keys and left
I go out tonight
I sit alone at night
passing by the cities in your eyes

See the sun is setting every night
So I think we will be alright
Cause Our time could be more precious than my own pride
Everything we love everything we build

I would try to change if we don’t stay the same

And suddenly you give it all
I’m a wannabe
Struggled and fall

I don’t how we end up here
But u upset and I’m in pain
The words you threw in my face
Didn’t translate to my certificate

I can’t fly you to the moon but
I can pick u up on a YouBike
(I can drive)

Oh I’ve tried my best
And no way I can’t take you back
Before the sun rise in the sky
I know that we will be alright

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