Rock ・ Lightbomb [EP]

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Maybe Refuge

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發佈時間 2017-08-05


七月出爐的新歌~ 希望大家喜歡! 謝謝 ^_^

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Am I the only one, am I deviant
Always questioning
I think that I'm unwell, swallow another pill
It's filled with pandering

Now I can't see, on the run, I've been blinded by the sun
It's a lightbomb and I'm not right now, baby
So I pray it goes away, inside I will be safe
Far from the lightbomb

So let's talk about what it is that you think you have
That you think is gonna happen, what I'm thinking can be done
It's not really unheard of, nothing to be scared of
Honestly it's just a little bit of sun
But the helio makes me sweat, I'm thinking that this is it
Here, take another pill, you're not really ill
It's all in your head

Every day feels the same, I've been stunned by the lightbomb
And I'm frightened by the thought of going outside
Sleeping through the day, late at night I lay awake
In fear of the lightbomb

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