Downpour (feat. Lauren Babic)

Rock ・ Downpour [EP]

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Downpour (feat. Lauren Babic)

Maybe Refuge

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發佈時間 2017-02-22



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I have waited a thousand days for you
I can’t bear to wait a thousand more
Made my choice to come after you
So I step out into the downpour

There’s so much I have yet to do
So much out there to fear
But I know that I will make it through
And I just want you here

So I reach out for tomorrow
With my arms stretched to the moon
I will make it back to you
I will make it back to you
And to cross over the waters
I will gladly play the fool
Just to make it back to you

Promise that you’ll wait, promise that someday
I’ll prove to you and me that our time was not a waste
Because nobody else matters, no one else can say
But you know I know you know this was not a mistake
So hold your breath, I’ll find a way
Take it step by step, I’m wide awake
No I won’t let those words we said just fade

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