My Only

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My Only

Maybe Refuge

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發佈時間 2014-08-22


Here I am
A broken man
This road I traveled with my broken hands
And I find that it was all part of a plan
That I don't understand
No, I'll never understand

How can you save someone when you can't even save yourself?
But how can I make it with somebody else?

My path has been lonely
But I see that it was only
Just a circle that led me here
To gain back my best friend

And I'll fight for you always
I'll protect you, my only
I will walk through the fire
To gain you back again

So tell me all your deepest fears
Let me be the one to dry your tears
And I don't know the way you choose to follow
But I can be some strength to cure your sorrow

So how can I save someone when I can't even save myself?
But how can I make it through this life with someone else?

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