Song 4
Song 4

Song 4

RockYes, I Am

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Mary See the Future

6 月


Mary See the Future 2022《梅雨季:雨末》-台中場

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發布時間 2011-08-06


curled up in the corner
of the messy chamber
lost the words, and got the worse

don't know where's their mother
and don't know who's their father
freezing summer

you know what i'm talking of

how long take no shower
toast with no butter
they need more, and we ignore

we could sleep together
but the fear of promise finally separates us

you know what i'm talking of

you don't care
and I don't care
how we give them a glassy stare
and take it for one thing what can make us feel more precious

you're not scared
and I'm not scared
of why we're all so merciless
but we always blame these dirty things
how the world is so unfair

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