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Mary See the Future

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發佈時間 2010-11-25


For the day you stroke me out
I had nothing to complain about
I’ve tried to get my feet back on the ground
The endless raining, I’m still in a cloud
Until I saw that you mess around with somebody
There’s no anger, there’s no jealousy?

Crazy, what’s the matter with me?
I enjoy my self-punish
Is that my tendency?
Did god confuse my feeling?
I'm a hero in tragedies
Even though the hurts so much I’ve been

As the words spouted from your mouth
Like a magic bullet shot me down
I’m a taxi driver who is on the house
It’s my catch-22, for you I’m down and out

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這首有ㄧ點迷幻 龐克 吧


Liang・11 年前