July (Special Ver.)
July (Special Ver.)

July (Special Ver.)


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July (Special Ver.)

July (Special Ver.)

Mary See the Future
Mary See the Future

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發佈時間 2010-06-23


sits down, watches his favorite channel
sunlight comes through the window
every day, as usual

freedom, all day for his own using
it has the best of mending
away from the wrong-time-sleeping

turns off all the volume
with the cigarette fills up his mouth
he needs no talk

stays on
chooses to mist him up
only the birds can figure him out
he's alone, alone

lay down, after the busy working
things are on her order
some kind she used to be

"cafe", there's no one who sits with
he could see her "unhappy,"
he used to know what it means

this is the only way out
dropped the eyes to listen the exit runs

breaks from the wall and melts down
like the expressions fade and fall,
fade and fall

it wakes me up
it wakes me up
it wakes me up
it wakes me up

rain stopped
still the fog is so heavy
in another world it fled again
from my hand, again

clock stopped
I had outwalked the stars
with the quiet steps and my heart

am I alone
am I alone

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