ST 亞洲首撥 (Kanye West) Hola at TAIWAN 亞洲 R-Mix - Stronger Ft. AP 滿人

Reggae / Funk

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ST 亞洲首撥 (Kanye West) Hola at TAIWAN 亞洲 R-Mix - Stronger Ft. AP 滿人


  • 週排行冠軍歌曲

發佈時間 2007-11-23


Shout out to all my MCs, DJs, Rappers, keeping it real for the ST, Keep putting up the good music for our community.
APpreciated what you do..
他們說台灣的夜店, Club 不准放中文 Hiphop, 他們說中文的音樂沒有格調, 自己的地方不能放自己的音樂..... its fucking sad.. but,
we not gonna give up easily,............ sooner or later WE are gonna do something about it....

Stay strong all my people, you know 亞力維新 is our name......... Kanye Thanks for the Track... nice looking out... R.O.C

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That that that that don't kill me
Can only make it stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know where i got to be right now
Cause i can't get much stronger
Don't act like I never told you
Man I been wait all night now
Thats how long i been on you

Manchuker Verse:

我不想要 take 走你的 life, 請你原諒我的壞
不相信安靜的惡魔會讓人變得如此 壞
我無法停止 讓 mission aborted
淒涼的日子我 過
(我請你別躲) life is misery, 就讓天塌下來 let the rest be history
killer instinct i preserved the best mystery
sacrifice my soul, and burn my inner breath
你可以等著傷口結巴 或者繼續讓他 Bleed
is your call, 面對主說 is your fault
繼續思考 是牛就繼續吃草
不需要從來 我是我的總裁
Each time i step back
its only got me stronger
把棒子給我 我是 Runner
Give me the Microphone 讓我唱歌

Pushing the Key right 志林上車
Pushing the Beat right DJ 放歌
冰冷的枷鎖 Rap 到燙舌
Me & Kanye give you comfort

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